Shenzhen Ao-Mihoo Electronics Co., Ltd

Date: 14th September 2015
LCD Advertising Player AMH-ADxxxD(Bus)

1.Real time editing, playing video/audio/pictures, subtitle wording, etc, multi media content.
2.Support multi formats of video, audio, pictures, playing quality up to 720P.
3.Support English (Chinese) rolling subtitle word, multi subtitle display modes.
4.Remote distribute program transmission and management, and real time remote monitoring many players working status.
5.Program playlist controls program playing order and modes.
6.Timing to transmit the content and program playlist.
7.Support local and remote Hard Disc Broadcasting mode.
8.Play the designated playlist upon start, support timing dormancy and recovery mode.
9.Support all the existed 3G networks, and support various type transmission protocols.
10.Support remote upgrade, no need technician to operate at the terminal.
11. Various 3G network transmission, like TD, EVDO, WCDMA, etc.