Shenzhen Ao-Mihoo Electronics Co., Ltd

Date: 14th September 2015
LCD Advertising Player AMH-ADxxxD(Taxi)

OSD Language
 Support 18 Languages, English, French, Germany, Italy, Spanish, Russia, Chinese, etc.
 Auto Display
 Auto Loop Playback upon boot on
 Breakpoint memory
 Support Breakpoint memory
 Timing Insert Playback
 Support file Timing Insert Playback
Timing Power On/Off
 Timing On/Off (Multi Time Groups)
Rolling Subtitle
 Support Super Long Subtitle Display function
Playback Log
 Playback Log Backup Auto
 Timing Volume
 Set up different Volume at various time periods
Full HD
 Support Full 1080P Picture & Video decode
 Support CF /SD card,
USB playback,
Auto USB Update,
Hot Plug
Playback Mode
 Single File Loop Playback, File Folder Loop Playback, Full Card Loop Playback
IR Motion Detection (Optional)
IR Motion Sensor to boot on player upon capturing human body approaching, and power off Player 1minute (3 or 5 minutes) after

client going away.